Working Together

“Working with Cat has been a real blessing and help in a very dark time for me. It has given me a clearer understanding of how to take proper care of myself through this process while also teaching me more about myself.” ∼ ‘C’ – Former client 

How long will we work together?

All our clients are different, with different experiences and different needs, so there are no fixed timescales for the coaching process. If you are new to coaching and/or have not taken any steps towards your own healing prior to this, it is recommended that you consider one of our coaching packages that offers support outside of the coaching sessions and gives you time to ‘find your feet’ in the new reality in which you find yourself. We offer packages in multiples of 4 weeks which offer a discount on individual sessions. Beyond that? Who knows! That will be entirely up to you! To see our coaching options click here.

What we will work on together?

We will always discuss and work on what is most important to you and what you need most. Some typical things that might be discussed include:
Self Care – Healthy Relational Boundaries and Consequences – Authenticity – Grief – Anger – Fear – Disclosure – Gaslighting – Intimacy Anorexia – Stay or Go? – Forgiveness – Healthy Sexuality… plus many more.

Please don’t be put off if any of these terms are new to you or do not apply – YOU will always set the agenda for your growth!
Coaching is an organic and responsive process which can be tailored exactly to your present needs and adapted accordingly as you move through your journey.

We can also help to support you through the process of therapeutic disclosure, preparing you with a plan and making sure that you are represented and supported throughout this process.

So, how/when/where do we do it?

One of the best things about working with a coach is the freedom we have to work flexibly, anytime, anywhere in the world. Sessions can be held face to face, by video call or telephone or even by email and social media. We may also put together bespoke packages combining multiple ways of interacting together – whatever suits you best! Let’s explore that at your free exploration session. No laying on a sofa necessary (unless that’s what you want!)

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