What is Coaching?

In short, coaching is a collaborative relationship in which we will work together to help you to define, decide and move towards what you really want, in your relationship with yourself, your spouse or partner and life in general. It is an encouraging, supportive and validating space in which to process your pain and work to move beyond it in YOUR way, YOUR time and to YOUR agenda.

So, is coaching like therapy or counselling?

Whilst there are some similarities between coaching and therapy, it is important to understand that they are not the same thing. Coaching will focus on moving you from where you are now towards where you would like to be. Therapy or counselling, on the other hand, often involves intensive examination of your past to help to understand what got you, to where you are, in the first place. Whilst therapists may diagnose and treat psychiatric disorders, a coach never will. Some coaching candidates will require support from a therapist either independently of coaching or as part of a support team working together. We can discuss this further in your exploration session should you wish.

What Should you Expect?

As a Certified Professional Life Coach, a Certified Partner Coach – candidate with APSATS and trained by AASAT, I will bring to our relationship all of my personal, professional and educational experience. I will:

  • Listen without judgement, seeking to understand and support you
  • Validate your pain, anger, grief and betrayal as a normal response to trauma
  • Motivate, inspire and encourage you in whatever ways you need
  • Help you to envision what you want your life and relationships to be
  • Share resources and exercises in and between sessions to help you move forward and maintain focus
  • Ask questions to help to open your mind to new ways of thinking, being and doing
  • Challenge you to keep yourself accountable, to yourself and also to me
  • I will help you begin to heal you! – Whatever your spouse or partner chooses to do about their issues.


Anyone can benefit from coaching but our most successful coaching clients have several things in common. They include:

  • Being willing to ask questions and challenge their current perceptions and thought processes
  • Being BRAVE enough to look at the pain, learn from it and take action
  • Having a vision, however clouded or out of reach it may seem, for a better life and better relationships
  • Having a true desire for change, whatever that looks like for them
  • If you have SOME of the above, let’s talk about how we can work together on the rest.